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I am a fully accredited Physiotherapist, Body Psychotherapist and Biodynamic Massage Therapist.  I am a member of the Biodynamic Psychotherapists Association and of the UK Council for Psychotherapy.


Qualified, Professional and Caring

I started my quest in the late 80s when I graduated as a Physiotherapist in Belgium, with a special interest in perinatal assistance to mothers. Back then, I felt that something was missing in my training.

When treating my patients, and subsequently touching them, I felt overwhelmed by the amount of information my hands would pick up. However, I had not been trained to analyse the emotional component of my patient’s condition, let alone to understand the effects of somatic transference and counter transference! I simply could not continue addressing my patients with what I call today a “clinical touch”.

In 2012, at a crossroads in my life, I began studying Counselling Psychology at Regent’s University and at The Tavistock & Portman Hospital in London.

During this time, I developed an ever-greater interest in the connectivity between mind and body, which eventually led me to study body-oriented psychotherapy at the London School of Biodynamic Psychotherapy. I felt inspired by the background of the founder, Gerda Boyesen, and felt reassured that my own experience as a physiotherapist would not be lost.

I am currently a teaching assistant at the LSBP, where I have trained and obtained my MA-level Diploma in Biodynamic Body Psychotherapy. I have also trained extensively with Dr David Boadella at the International Biosynthesis Institute in Heiden, Switzerland, and have trained in Norwegian Psychomotor Physiotherapy with Dr Berit Bunkan in Oslo.

In August 23, it has been my privilege to be a lecturer at the « Body & Mind, One Entity » conference at OsloMet Summer University, lead by Dr Berit Bunkan. I presented some of the subjects I feel passionate about namely Attuned Touch, Therapeutic Presence and Psycho-Peristalsis.

Working with the stethoscope:
Psycho-peristalsis and engaging the autonomic nervous system; an exploration of the Gerda Boyesen tradition.
Modum, Norway 3.-4. of September 22

In September 2022, it was my great pleasure to co-present and run the following workshop with Dr Tore Kierulf Næss, MD from the Norwegian Institute of Body Psychotherapy.

In this workshop we reviewed the different neurobiological perspectives on the autonomic nervous system, including the polyvagal theory. We looked at the enteric nervous system and how this influences the gastrointestinal tract. The basic principles of Gerda Boyesen´s concepts of working with psycho-peristalsis, the abdominal discharge of nervous tension through attuned touch, were discussed. Ample time was given to explore working with stethoscopes in pairs, both freely and in relation to specific therapeutic interventions.

In August 2019, it has been my honour to assist Dr. Berit Bunkan at the Body Psychotherapy Summer University in Oslo last August 2019. She presented process-oriented Body Psychotherapy based on the Braatoy and Bulow-Hansen method. In that same workshop I was given the opportunity to introduce the biodynamic concepts of working with “attuned touch” and “psycho-peristalsis” (Gerda Boyesen method).

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I try a session without committing to long term therapy?

Yes of course, you are welcome to do so.

Please be advised that if you are looking for a quick-fix type intervention, you may well leave our session disappointed.

What is of upmost importance though is how we end our therapeutic relationship. I will endeavour to promote clear communication between us around the subject of ending, so to ensure the best possible integration and completion of our therapeutic explorations together.

How many sessions will I need to feel better?

Uncovering those unresolved emotional issues and recovering your physical and emotional equilibrium is what we will aim for together in our sessions.

The number of sessions you will need in order to claim back some of your independent wellbeing and feel more in control of your somatic-emotional self-regulation, is an entirely unique and individual process.

Regular weekly sessions to start with are highly recommended and have proven to be the most beneficial.

Do I need to prepare for a session, and how confidential is our therapeutic relationship?

No, there is nothing you need to prepare.

For our first session together, I will ask you to come 15 mins prior to the session, in order to give you time to fill in a Medical History Questionnaire. We will then run through your answers together, as a basis to getting to know each other.

Your confidentiality and the safety of your personal information is of the upmost importance to me, and I take great care to ensure your information is securely held.

Can a session revolve around Biodynamic Massage only?

Every session will start with a verbal check in, “How are you today?” and “How do you feel today?” When after this initial conversation it feels right for both of us to use Biodynamic Massage as a tool, then yes, some attuned touch sequences can take up an entire session.

Every session can be different, as much as your needs may change over time. I consider we are all in perpetual emergence, and so I will be “expecting the unexpected” each time you walk into our therapeutic space.

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